A Fine Town

That's a running joke in Singapore. Everything untowards has a fine attached to it there. Spit in the street? $500. Caught littering? $500. Pick one of the flowers? $500. Start a fist fight? They'll cane you publicly. No, seriously, they'll cane you. Aside from that I'm not really sure what to say about our 30 some odd hours in Singapore. The city is definitely modern, which was a bit of a shock and adjustment coming out of Cambodia. The city is shiny, clean and expensive. I spent $56 Singapore >> Read More

A Lesson in Privilege

Today we took the advice of our driver, Sopaal, and took a boat tour around the floating village of Chong Khneas on Tonle Sap lake. Tonle Sap is the world's second largest lake at 2500 sq km. It ranges in depth from 4m in the dry season to roughly 15m during the monsoons and contains two floating villages, both of which relocate often in order to cope with the waves and the flooding. The floating village was not at all what I had envisioned. I was torn between thinking it would just be a village >> Read More

Angkor What?

We've spent the last two, very long days exploring Angkor Wat, which is one of the seven wonders of the world. Unfortunately for us this is the very peak of the temple's tourist season so there isn't an available English guide to be found in the whole city of Siem Reap. We've had to guide ourselves around the various jungle temples that occupy the Angkor UNESCO site so I have very little information to offer you. Today I bought a very thick, detailed guide book to remedy this but I haven't had a >> Read More

Lions and Tigers and Elephants…Chiang Mai

Alright so that was easily the cheesiest/worst post title in this whole blog, whatever. Deal with it. Our second day in Chiang Mai was incredibly busy but also full of unique experiences. We hooked up with a company called Ask Discovery and went on a full day tour of the surrounding area. Our first stop was an Orchid farm where we learned all about the cultivation and harvesting of orchids. The gardens were beautiful, containing almost every combination of colours you could imagine. We had a contest >> Read More

Chopping and Shopping

Our first day in Chiang Mai was largely spent participating in one of the five courses offered by the Thai Cookery School. We were picked up from our hotel, made a quick stop for supplies at a market (our course didn't involve shopping for the ingredients ourselves but they offer courses that do) and then we were driven to the cooking school just outside the city. We started off learning to carve ornate vegetable decorations. We peeled tomatoes and tried to make roses out of the skin >> Read More